Sustainable Systems.

The Leading Into Leadershift Institute was founded in 2006 to further intergenerational leader generation, focused with passing on the knowledge from elder to infant and also the awakening of elders thru the inherent wisdom, knowledge and inspiration of the youth.  We recognize that while those with considerable life experience have a great deal to share and teach from the heritage of history which has occured, those who have come here as the next evolution of humanity also have a great purpose to be brought forth with their existence from the beginning.  It is by honoring the inherent and the learned that we find we are able to generate new pathways to learning and thereby leading.  Student and teacher are one and the same, each learning and each offering from the process that which their unique perception may bring into the perspective.

Leading Into Leadershift Institute


LILI is a unique educational platform in a world which generally focused on the indoctrination of the student.  With this paradigm, the recognition of evolution's value becomes a focal point in our collective transition into the future we as a people worldwide are becoming.  As students are engaged with the tecahings, each is expected to be equally focused on the wisdom and inherent guidance which they may be able to bring into our collective existence.  Learning how to be the guides and the guardians for our collective future and for the accurate recollection of the past.  


Applications for enrollment are accepted on an ongoing basis, there are no deadlines, no due dates, no fees.  Participants are asked to contribute what they are able, when they are able and how they are able.  It is our belief that as we are successful in our mission to elevate the abilities of others, the expansion of our concepts will valued by those receiving by the reciprocal processes which are offered being put into action as part of a cyclical expansion of the wisdom garnered. This continual reciprocation is the practical application of the principles upon which our foundation rests.  We invite you to apply by sending a letter of introduction to lili (at) and from there we will provide instruction on how we may proceed into a mutually beneficial future together.


We believe in the future generations with the same dedication which we believe in the deep value offered by the wisdom of the past, and as such we are also continually searching for qualified instructors.  Those interested are invited to submit a letter of introduction and their Curriculum Vitae to us via lili (at) so that we know you better and learn how best we may be of mutual benefit.