A Safe Haven: Environs Sustainable

The ASHES project’s purpose is to create a healthy network of self-sustainable environments world-wide, safe havens on our earth whereby people are able to thrive again. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, A Safe Haven: Environs Sustainable is a project to allow people to recover, rejuvenate, and recreate the highest expressions of ourselves.

The basic idea is that individual land owners can allow the use and development of their property in alignment with a higher purpose, achieving both good stewardship and good gathering, by facilitating a path for others to property ownership and the furtherance of the community vision. Eventually we will have a network of safe havens globally, perhaps such that between each might only be a day of travel and an easy way to start over for any who are serious about restoration of themselves, our lands and our planet.

Currently we are celebrating the launch of a new location of Annam Brahm Farms in Northern California, a truly unique place aimed at aligning people with the divine nature of food, focusing on creating healthy, organic food for people to be able to perform at their highest potential. Annam Brahm Farms sees how their mission aligns with the goals of the ASHES project and so has decided to participate in our pilot program.