Annam Brahm Farms

Food is God. Whether or not you are religious, food is a foundational aspect of life, the fabric of existence in a very real sense of those words. We believe that food should be treated in a sacred way, from planting to harvest and through any post-production to usage. We are committed to cultivating non-GMO, organic produce at a reasonable price, and to restorative agricultural practices which improve community and soil.

Our farm is able to operate on account of a generous temporary land lease due to our rather unique business model. Our stewards are the owners of our organization. We regard our role as one of stewardship towards the land, our roots are held up from the earth towards the heavens in a state-of-the-art, hybrid hydroponic system which allows us to retain mobility for our plants while taking full advantage of available resources in an efficient manner so as to conserve water and energy consumption.

We have CSA opportunities available, and will be offering produce at local farmers markets when available. We are committed to a growth model which will allow our farm to increase local availability of high-quality, organic produce for the needs of our fellow people and our planet.